Top Pornstars With Big Booties

best big ass porn stars

Who doesn’t love to see huge asses moving while fucking? In fact, most of the porn sites have an added filter for women with big butts. If you are in love with such round and luscious asses, you cannot skip this article. Keep reading below to find out who got the most lustrous ass in porn town.

bella bellz big booty

Bella Benz

Beauty with butts – the Bella Bellz really. Not only she got huge ass but her signature tattoos on the butt are yet another turn on for many. From anal fucking to ass bouncing – the lady will make you enjoy her butt beauty in slow motion. She has often been considered as one of the top 3 best ass owners in the world and her one video can convince you of the reason.

Julianna Vega

No one, we repeat, just no one can get tired of checking out big and sexy ass shaking. This beauty makes huge a amount of money just by shaking her ass during fucking. If you are not yet introduced to her, simply search for her on brazzers and we’re sure you’ll jerk off. It seems instead of practicing maths, she studied in a strippers college and spent years doing nothing but simply shaking her ass. She is a real pro in this and hands down, we love the show! You can check out exclusive content on Julianna Vega’s OnlyFans.

ava rose ass

Ava Rose

Ava Rose is the sleep snatcher for many. With round juicy and bulky ass, she can keep you hypnotized for hours. Even after ruling the industry for a long time, her tight ass makes us curious to know the secrets! We’re sure that her gorgeous asshole would compel you to stick your cock inside and fuck her real hard. Check her out moving her butts in various positions and all of them are just awesome! Her huge buttocks are already rosey red from getting spanked by her partners but you will just love them.

jada stevens big booty

Jada Stevans

I like big butts and I cannot lie. What did you think of while reading that line? Ross and Rachel from Friends? Check out Jada Stevans’s porn videos and you will think of her juicy ass the next time you read or hear that line! The best part is she has been known to use hookup apps like hookupbay for random hookups with fans, so you could have a shot at that big booty.

Annika Albrite

She is a new asset we found out while searching pornhub for big butt stars. The lady got massive ass and she flaunts it real raw. From vanilla sex to anal or interracial – she has done it all with style. In fact, we got her video having multiple dicks at once and fucking continuously. She got some of the nicest curves in the industry and knows some awesome bouncy moves.

Mandy Muse

If you are not into artificial or inhuman butt size but some natural big butts, check out this sexy woman. She got two jewels down there and we cannot but appreciate!…

Popular Anal Sex Toys

Let’s be honest: there’s no such thing as too many sex toys. No matter how many you have in your stock, one more is always the better. And adding a few anal toys in your collection can take your sexual experience to the next level. After all your booty has every right to get some attention and pleasure other than just spanking! You can introduce these toys with your fuckbuddy for some free local sex that you meet off of hookup apps or you can use these in your alone time.

Before checking out the toys, here are some caveats: once it comes to anal sex, you need to buy toys that are specially made for anal. Unlike the vagina, there’s not much space for the toy to get lost. Therefore you need to try something that can be easily removed. Our anal sphincter muscles can engulf small items which may lead to health issues, doctor’s visit, and a lot of stress. Try to buy flared base toys that can be easily removed and lesser chance of making a mess.

Also, pay attention to use a lot of lube before trying anal toys. Unlike our vagina, anus is not self lubricated. So it will be dry, unpleasant, and painful if you insert something forcefully. It is also potentially dangerous. Any cut or tears on your skin can cause infection and given this place is a ripe place for bacteria, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may try oil or silicone based lube while using metal or glass toys as it will provide you with the lubiest and stickiest slickness. On the other hand, use a heavy water based lube if you are trying a silicone toy.

Top Toy Picks

  • b-vibe swirl plug

This is a medium sized and swirl textured plug. It is one of the best selling products in the b-vibe range and for good reasons. The texture offers unique sensation once you insert the toy and the vibrating feature is a cherry on the top. It is made of a human body safe silicon material and comes with an easy to grip handle. That way it ensures you full control and doesn’t get lost in your butt. It is textured and tapered for your better experience. It is also extremely easy to remove so even the beginners can try it. It is splash proof so you can expect a long duration. Also, the machine is equipped with six distinct modes of vibration. There are various options for the toy so you can pick your favorite size – small or big.

  • fun factory b balls

If you are introduced with the idea of anal balls, you must have it in your collection. It has inner rotating weights and ideal for spanking and impact play. The balls will move with every movement in your body so you can be filled with pleasure no matter whatever you do! The silicone toy is ideal to use with water based lubes only. However, we don’t recommend it to the beginners. If you are a beginner, you better start with something easier where you can stop using the toy just by moving your body. The case is different here.

  • lube shooter

This is not technically a toy but a combination of lube and toy. This is a lube shooter that enables you to put some anal lube in it and shoot it right into your anus. This ensures that whatever you are inserting be it a finger, toy or penis, are properly lubed from within. We have put it in our list as it’s a must have if you have an experimental bent of mind. Can we call it a “sexassory” please? 

  • b-vibe anal education kit and training set

Sex education is a must before you try anything right? The same holds true when you are exploring your adventurous mind and curious sexual fetishes. This kit is a great addition in your collection. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, this kit is has an all-in-one approach. B-vive is doing a really good job when it comes to sex toys. Anyway, coming to the kit, it contains a small silicone based butt plug. It has a size of a finger so it’s ideal for the beginners. The kit also contains a medium sized vibrating ass plug and a large weighted ass plug.  The kit is made complete with a travel bag and a lube shooter. The bag is really handy to keep your toys together. Oh and last but not the least, the kit comes with an awesome range of anal sex tips and moves! A must have kit for everyone, we say!

  • lovehoney butt plug – slimline

If you are not sure whether to try beads and plugs, we say get them both! This device is just that. It has different sizes – small, medium, and large so you can pick your favourite. The beads structures enhances stimulation and the first bid is just like a fingertip! Get some real feeling down there even if you are alone!

  • club vibe 3.oh

Are you a tech geek? Then you must have a remote controlled sex toy in your collection. This one s just that. OhMiBod is a grand sex toy manufacturer popular for its wide range of remote controlled sex toys. Its latest creation is club vibe 3.oh and we say it’s a must have for you. This is precisely designed for anal play. It vibrates along the song you play in your room – soft romantic or hardcore rock – the choice is yours!

  • njoy pure plug

This is a metal sex toy that can be cooled down or heated up if you play music. If the music is light, the butt plug will cool down and as the beats increase, the plug will get heated. And you can sense the temperature in your ass!  Technology has taken it to an all new level, you see!

We hope you have loved the toys. Do you want to add a few more names to increase our list? Feel free to contact us!…

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular cosmetic processes involving the transferring of fat in order to create more suppleness and roundness in the buttock.

Exercise alone cannot render the fullness in one’s buttock. If you want to lift your butt in cosmetic manner, here we are with a complete guideline on a Brazilian butt lift.

The Procedure

The procedure involves fat grafting that looks noticeable for its natural appearance. Some of the steps are as follow:
First, anesthesia is conducted. Here a small volume is transferred. Local anesthesia or a numbing medication is ideal for it. You can ask your cosmetologist for an anti nausea medicines if you feel sick with anesthesia.
Then the surgeon uses liposuction for removing fat from other parts of your body like thighs, stomach, and hips. It involves an incision in the skin before using a tube for removing fat from the body.
Then the removed fat is purified and prepared for injecting into the buttocks.
The surgeon completes the process by injecting the purified fat into specific areas on your butt to create a fuller and rounded look. He or she can make around three to five incisions around the butt for transferring fat.
Finally the fat transferred incision and liposuction are closed with stitches. The surgeon can apply a compression garment in the affect skin area to reduce the risk of bleeding.

The Results

bbl results
  • Unlike other types of butt surgery like placing a silicon buttock implantation, Brazilian butt lift provides a natural look while creating a roundness on the back.
  • It can also address several issues like shapelessness and sagging occurred with age.
  • Some even consider undertaking the process if they are bothered by any figure imbalance that causes difficulty in wearing clothes comfortably.
  • As compared to a silicon buttock implantation, a Brazilian butt lift has lower risk of infection. It has a better safety profile than harmful substances like sealants, silicone caulking etc. These are often considered as illegal to inject into skin by unlicensed people.

The Side Effects

So, you may think a Brazilian butt lift is all about good stuff. We beg to differ. Any and every cosmetic surgery involves some kind of risks and this process, too, is no different. Harper’s Bazaar published an article found here on some of these risks. Some of the side effects of the process are as follow:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Scar
  • Lumps under the skin where the fat is injected
  • Loss of skin caused by deep infection
  • Fat embolism in lungs or heart that has severe damaging potential
  • Recent studies reveal that the process results in 1 in 3000 fatality rate. If the process is executed incorrectly, fat can enter into the large veins and arteries and travel to the lungs. This can cause respiratory issues and even death.
  • Sometimes, people need to undergo one or two additional procedure to recover from the butt lift.

The Recovery

bbl recovery

Like any other cosmetic surgery, you have to take special care after undergoing Brazilian butt lift.

  • You may not be able to sit comfortably on your butt for at least two weeks after the surgery. So you have to sleep on one side or on the stomach until the area is healed.
  • You must not perform any sexual activity for two to three weeks and forget about anal sex for more than a month.
  • Your butt will look swollen for a few weeks during the recovery process.
  • Depending on your skin, the effect may last for a few months to years. If you have sensitive skin, you may have to apply ointment or consume pills as recommended by your surgeon.
  • Diet is a crucial element in the recovery process. If you want to get a positive outcome, make sure that you don’t lose weight excessively. Consume adequate protein and healthy fat as recommended by your cosmetologist or nutritionist.

The Cost

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift varies from one place to another and one studio to another. Opt for a reputed studio instead of a cheap one to avoid any after-care hassles.